Orthographic Mapping

Moving from decoding to reading fluency

This free webinar provides strategies and teaching methodology to help students transition from conscious decoding to genuine reading fluency.

60min | November 30th 2023 | 3:30PM NZDT | 1:30PM AEDT

Webinar – Orthographic Mapping
Moving from decoding to reading fluency

This webinar will re-cap the neurological aspects involved with orthographic mapping and how learners transition from the conscious decoding stage to genuine reading fluency with an emphasis on practical strategies and teaching approaches. 

The webinar will cover the following:
  • Explaining the term orthographic mapping and dispelling some of the misunderstandings around this term.  
  • Neurological aspects of orthographic mapping.
  • How and when orthographic mapping develops in most readers.
  • Orthographic mapping challenges for English language learners.
  • How to identify learners who are struggling with this aspect.  
  • Using the Visual Recognition Speed Test on StepsWeb, which enables teachers to track their learners’ progress and identify when the correct part of the brain has been activated.
  • Understanding the role of sight vocabulary and how to teach it correctly.
  • Teaching activities and strategies to activate the orthographic mapping process.
It will include a presentation of the NZ research into visual recognition speed recently presented at the World Literacy Summit at Oxford University.  
Participants will leave with an understanding of how reading processes change as a learner goes through the key phases of literacy development.  The practical element will enable teachers to assess their learner’s stage and identify when a learner transitions to using orthographic mapping.  It will also provide practical strategies to help learners make that transition.

This webinar will re-cap the neurological aspects of Orthographic Mapping covered in the Literacy Development webinar series.  However, it is not necessary to have watched the previous webinar.

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Ros Lugg

Dyslexia and literacy specialist.

Qualified assessor who has done 3,000+ cognitive/educational assessments – all ages.