Webinar series:

Literacy Development

This 3-part series aims to give you a research-based understanding of how literacy develops, why some learners struggle and how we can prevent them from falling through the gaps.

Recordings of the webinars will be made available once the series has finished.

60min | March 8th 2021 | 3:30PM NZT

Webinar 1 –Key Stages

  • Five Big Ideas in Beginning Reading – why they’re so important.
  • Methodology debate, including understanding ‘The Code’ and its role.
  • Intro to processing and perceptual skills needed for literacy.
  • Key phases of literacy development.
  • Neurological basis, including Visual Word Form Area and difficulties related to dyslexia.

Outcome: You will understand the research behind literacy development, the stages learners go through and what processing/perceptual skills are needed for each stage.

60min | April 12th 2021 | 3:30PM NZT

Webinar 2 – Struggling Readers

  • Why some succeed (regardless of method!) and some fail. The 60%/40% balance.
  • Pattern of difficulties in dyslexia (relevant for all struggling readers).
  • Five Big Ideas in Beginning Reading – identifying the gaps.
  • Processing and perceptual skills, including phonological awareness, visual perception, memory and processing speed.
  • Introduction to the ‘Reading Ladder’.

Outcome: You will develop a greater understanding of ‘why’ some children are failing, and greater confidence in your ability to cater for their needs.

60min | May 10th 2021 | 3:30PM NZT

Webinar 3 – Eight’s too late!

  • Learn how to stop your learners falling through the gaps in the first place.
  • Identify struggling readers early.
  • Provide effective remediation – even within current resource constraints and with older learners.
  • Response to Intervention and the Four Tier Model. How to prioritise scarce resourcing.
  • Re-visit the ‘Reading Ladder’ – and learn how to use it effectively.

Outcome: You will gain confidence with research-based methodology and learn how to put in place a school-wide programme to improve literacy outcomes – for all learners.

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Ros Lugg

Dyslexia and literacy specialist.

Qualified assessor who has done 3,000+ cognitive/educational assessments
– all ages.